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Blockchain technology
accessible and easy
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¿What is iCommunity?

iCommunity means Digital Transformation; “iCommunity Blockchain Solutions” (IBS) was created as a SaaS platform of digital products based on Blockchain technology. Any entity can use IBS to enhance and optimize their processes and even create new services and business models for their clients.

Blockchain solutions resolve real problems and add value to your business as levers to gain: transparency, security, cost reduction and automatization of tasks.

Current products

Record and certify any digital documents (contracts, titles of ownership, IoT inputs, intellectual property, etc.) to remain unaltered and indelible with time-stamp proof as well as with privacy thanks to cryptography.

Recording, reviewing, certification and access to secured data have never been so easy, anytime and from any desktop or mobile device.

Additionally, using smart-contracts tools, you would be able to include business logic to automate processes so those digital certifications are more efficient and inexpensive.

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This mobile app and desktop app is the only one currently available fully compliance with Spanish Labor Regulation in order to keep a record of employees working hours. Powered by Blockchain technology, iBS-Time Tracking gives assurance of certified records by design which are immutable and accessible by both employer and employee.

Guarantee that original information is not modified by any party, with no need of a trusted third-party, this tool can be used also to keep track of jobs done or use of resources.

iBS-Time Tracking provides access to information to all approved users while assigning responsibilities.

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Implement certification of origin and traceability to products in any industry (agricultural, luxury, industrial, logistics, etc.) to achieve a more secure and efficient supply-chain.

Es la herramienta más potente en la actualidad para favorecer y simplificar las operaciones, al tiempo que garantiza la exactitud de las transacciones y de los datos almacenados.

Integration of data, thanks to Blockchain, through the whole process from origin to final customer is the more powerful tool to simplify digital transformation with assurance of accuracy of data and transactions.

iBS-Traceable means more transparency among different participants in a supply-chain as well as final customers.

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Customers & Partners

"We democratize the technology of the future in a simple and secure way."

Bringing it closer to companies and people , creating value and a more transparent, more equitable, and beneficial society for all.

iBS Platform

Cutting-edge architecture of IBS is independent from the different underline DLTs used: our Multichain platform technology enables easy connectivity and interoperation with different Blockchain nets (public or private). Companies can make transactions and operate with other parties using different Blockchains, reducing sub-activity times and costs of transaction.


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