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Use cases

How our customers use the platform. Digital transformation for all types of companies, large and small.

Logistic traceability
Improves control of the entire data flow. And it solves the problem of parallel trade. The application adapts to the logistics processes that may be required.

Quality certificate
Know the origin of the products whatever the sector may be (food, manufacturing, processing, etc.)

Automation and digitization of business processes and contractual clauses in a trusted environment.

Time control
Geolocated record and certificate of work hours, entries and exits of employees. In compliance with Royal Decree 8/2018.

Notarise any type of document in blockchain with legal validity in a few clicks

SalusCoop App
Donate and be rewarded for your health data to research centers directly, with total security, transparency, and without intermediaries.

Platform Benefits



Dashboard with friendly interface.



Develop applications without programming code on the blockchain.



Control of transactions and costs in real time.


Cost savings

Free yourself from infrastructure and network costs.

Your time is important.

Focus on your business, we take care of the rest/handle everything

Low-code tools that add certification and traceability to the data of your processes, in the simplest way and without worrying about programming/developing blockchain.

  • API REST ready to use
  • User friendly interface
  • Up-to-date blockchain technology
  • Multichain

How does our API
benefit you?

Quick and easy-to-use access for all types of developments. Api in continuous development of robustness and functionalities.

Read the documentation >


Use manuals >

Guides to be able to connect and work from different languages in a simple way.


Predesigned integrations >

Different integrations for the most used software and CMS. WordPress, shopify, woocommerce …

Who is the iBS platform for?

Solutions for all needs



For business

It allows all types of companies improve and optimize their processes, while offering them the possibility of creating new services for their clients.



For IT managers

Stop worrying about the complexity of testing and scaling blockchain in your business.



For developers

Forget about programming blockchain, we give you everything you need for your own projects or for a third party.

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