Break down the barriers to use
Blockchain in your business

Deploy Blockchain solutions easily with iBS: a multichain Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that, thanks to its simple API and complet management dashboard, facilitates and accelerates the use of Blockchain in business

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Benefits of using iBS


Thanks to iBS APIs, you’ll write (almost) no code. With the examples we included in the documentation, we guarantee that in a few hours you’ll have Blockchain in your application.


Thanks to iBS network management layer and mirroring mechanisms, you will no longer have to worry about service availability, latencies or volatility in the costs of blockchain operations.


Thanks to iBS Blockchain-as-a-Service architecture you won’t have to manage, monitor or update any type of hardware or software, saving a lot of time and money on resources.

Lower costs

Our pricing plans are flexible and scalable, so you will only pay for what you use. The more you use it, the less you pay. And you only pay for registrations, not for verifications.

Success stories

These are some examples of clients who already use iBS to solve their problems or improve their results through blockchain technology. Clients who have chosen to use iBS to break down technology barriers, such as: which network to choose, lack of control over operations, or the volatility in transaction costs of blockchains.

Improves the traceability of the entire data flow and solves problems such as the lack of sell-out data or inefficiencies in the logistic processes

Certify the origin and composition of products, giving the consumer the possibility of verifying it online

Protect any type of relevant document or digital content, immediately and securely, guaranteeing their privacy and immutability

Protect your intellectual property with blockchain records, valid in more than 170 countries. Besides, you can generate NFTs and monetise your work.

Contribute to medical research campaigns, by donation of health data anonymously, with total security and without intermediaries.

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Your time is important, so…

Focus on your business, we take care of the rest.

Low-code tools that add certification and traceability to the data of your processes, in the simplest way and without worrying about programming/developing blockchain.

  • Full & easy API-Rest
  • Blockchain technology always up-to-date
  • “All-in-one” dashboard
  • Serverless platform
  • Multichain
  • No gas, no wallets
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Use cases

Designed for developers.

How does iBS API
benefit you?

You will be able to easily integrate iBS in all kinds of developments and with different languages. And thanks to its complete documentation and examples you won’t have any difficulties doing it.

Read the documentation >

User manuals 

User guides to be able to connect and work from different languages in a very simple way.


Get connected in three steps

Register, create a signature and certify. In just three simple steps you can make your own blockchain certifications.

Who is the iBS platform for?


For business

It allows all type of companies improve and optimize their processes, while offering them the possibility of creating new services for their clients.

For IT managers

Thanks to our cloud architecture, don’t worry about having to test and scale your blockchain solutions and benefit from pay-per-use.


For developers

Forget about complicated developments: thanks to the iBS API and its dashboard you will have everything you need to create serverless solutions in a few hours.

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For proof-of-concept projects to test out an idea

  • Up to 30 evidences
  • Up to 1 user (digital identity)
  • Low priority queue
  • Network choice
  • Management dashboard
  • Evidences checker
  • Full API-Rest
  • No payment details!

(30 days)



For starting production environments

  • Up to 250 evidences/month (€0.10/extra evidence)
  • Up to 3 users (digital identity)
  • Medium priority queue
  • Limited network choice
  • Management dashboard
  • Evidences checker
  • Full API-rest
  • Standard Support (8×5)

€ 99.90/month
(annual subscription)


For performance and scaleup environments

  • Unlimited evidences
  • Unlimited users
  • High priority queue
  • Free choice of blockchain
  • Management dashboard
  • Evidences checker
  • Full API-Rest
  • Personalized advice
  • Premium support (24×7)

Pay per use
(pay only what you consume)

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