Blockchain technology is proving key in digital transformation processes. Its disruptive capacity is affecting the way entrepreneurs do business more and more, forcing traditional models to adapt to be competitive.

All companies and professionals want to use the best available technologies to save time and money, secure their business data, and provide the best possible product or service to their customers.

There are many companies that are taking the leap, such as Abilista, an innovative platform that is committed to the digitization of the industrial sector, streamlining the production process and prototype development. Now they are taking another step in the revolution of the sector, applying iCommunity Labs blockchain technology to certify their processes.


Abilista blockchain


How do you use blockchain to add value to your business?

Abilista, allows companies and professionals in the sector to find manufacturers for all their manufacturing and prototyping needs. Its system is very simple and efficient: companies only have to upload a 3D file of their design, and in a matter of hours they receive offers from several manufacturers specialized in the same sector. In addition to suggestions for improvement and technical support, all efficiently from one place. This collaborative format dramatically speeds up the development and manufacturing process for customers.

One of the objectives of Abilista is to maintain the absolute confidentiality of all the data of the users of the platform, because they know that it is vital to maintain the protection of the designs. This is where blockchain technology comes into play, to offer a full and certified guarantee as if it were a digital notary.

“We know how important the intellectual property of their designs is for our clients and we want to offer with blockchain confidence and guarantee in their projects”

          Jesús Martí, CEO of the company, commented.

The process for the client is very simple: during the creation of a project on the Abilista platform, the user will be able to choose the option of certifying their project with blockchain technology. After publishing the design on the platform, the user will receive an email with all the data of their project and keys necessary to access their certified registry, thus guaranteeing the intellectual property in an immutable and truthful way.

But the possibilities are not only there, given the ease of creating use cases with iCommunity, let us remember that it is not necessary to program blockchain as it is a low code platform, Abilista is also exploring new valuable services for the encryption of the information of the designs, to limit access to files with sensitive information and add a higher level of protection for users’ intellectual property.

Blockchain technology guarantees security, both in the management of digital identity and in transactions, in addition to the automation of various processes that make them more efficient. These are some of the benefits that are making our clients more profitable and competitive in their sectors.

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