AirTrace uses iCommunity Labs’ iBS to secure its IoT platform1 min read

iCommunity Labs adds AirTrace, a platform specialized in managing networks of IoT devices, to its client portfolio.

Thanks to the integration via API of iBS, iCommunity Labs’ Blockchain-as-a-Service platform, AirTrace is able to offer its customers the added value of being able to notarize all the readings of the IoT devices they monitor from its platform, by registering them in blockchain. This provides greater security and traceability of the readings of these devices, thus avoiding possible fraud due to manipulation or hacking of the data collected. The information recorded in blockchain through iBS contains details, not only of each reading but also of the device that has performed it (identification, geopositioning, status values,…), thus providing full traceability.



In this way iBS plays in AirTrace a role of “digital notary”, generating and storing digital evidences of all readings that guarantee to all interested parties (users, companies and authorities) the veracity and non-manipulation of the data handled. Thanks to the use of iBS, AirTrace will provide greater transparency, security and confidence to its clients about the data handled within its IoT network management platform.


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