Hello everyone!

We send you a communication with updates on the public sale, which has aroused great interest with thousands of users registered in the whitelist. On the other hand, a last-minute administrative procedure has arisen in the form of an information circular for all blockchain companies, and that we at iCommunity see as necessary to have previously resolved, in accordance with our philosophy of transparency and strict compliance with current regulations.

Delay Phase 1

The regulator of Spain Stock Exchange (CNMV) recently approved a guideline in relation to marketing campaigns of “crypto-assets” as investment instruments (BOE January 17th, 2022) with effect on February 17th, 2022.

Under this guideline, iCommunity Labs received today a requirement from the CNMV to provide detailed information about marketing campaigns run for the ICOM sale and requested temporarily stopping those communications.

As you might be aware, iCommunity Labs has done some communications in its social networks related to the sale of the utility token ICOM and some other media have spread that information. As stated in all documentation and previous communications, the ICOM is an utility token and not a security or investment asset, therefore it should be out of scope of the aforementioned CNMV new guideline.

Nevertheless the CNMV requirement does not require stopping the sale of the ICOM, just temporarily its marketing campaigns, iCommunity Labs has decided to postpone the Phase 1 of Public Sale previously scheduled for next Monday 14st March to be fully transparent and provide full legal security to future marketing campaigns which were planned for next weeks alongside with the sale of the ICOM.

Response from CNMV is expected shortly (10-15 days), the moment in which the sale process of ICOM will be reactivated and will be informed through this channel.

iCommunity Labs Board