SaludCoop App: the first app to donate health data with blockchain, by iCommunity Labs.3 min read

Yesterday we presented at the Barcelona Science Park, together with our partners SalusCoop, a new app based on our blockchain platform iBS, which allows people to transfer their data on health habits to researchers, safely and anonymously.

Said data is collected by the app when it connects to the person’s wareables, thus being able to obtain data on both health and habits (quality of sleep, location, etc.) that will be used by researchers in different epidemiological studies, such as by example those related to COVID19 

iCommunity Labs is responsible for providing the security and transparency necessary to create an environment of trust, through blockchain technology, in which none of the intermediaries can access the personal data of the volunteers. In addition, digital evidence of certain events are generated, which are recorded in the blockchain.

One of the great advances of this use case is that the citizens themselves will be the ones who decide to whom, when and how they transfer their data. And to access these, the research teams must accept the conditions of use of the platform through the SALUS Common Good license, which establishes five conditions for the use of the application’s user data. These are: that they are used for research on health issues, that the research center is not for profit, that anonymized treatment of the data received is carried out, that it facilitates the voluntary withdrawal of the assignment by the donor and that the results are openly available.

The Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa (Barcelona), the Hospital Vall d’Hebron de Barcelona, ​​the Consorci Sanitari del Maresme (Barcelona) and the Instituto de Salud Global de Barcelona (ISGlobal) have already adopted the SALUS Common Good license to “feed data “Your research, which will be protected, anonymized and donors will not be identified, thanks to iCommunity Labs technology.


Official presentation of the app at the Barcelona Science Park, together with our partner SalusCoop,


Initially the application will be available in Spain and later collaborating entities abroad will be sought. The Terrassa Sanitari Consortium researcher, Maite Garolera highlighted that the first materialization of data use through the iCommunity Labs platform and its partner SalusCoop will be carried out for investigations related to Covid-19 and its impact. And a launch campaign has been launched to collect data to investigate the disease as well as the persistent symptoms.

The ICOM token will also have an important weight, through different use cases in the application processes. And she remembers that the whitelist registration is already open and it is already possible to sign up to get a place before the start, and / or reserve your advance purchase (in purchases equal to or greater than € 5000).

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The success of the presale has transcended internationally, with everything sold (1 million dollars in ICOM tokens) in record time, raising great expectations in the global cryptographic ecosystem.

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