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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the set of techniques and methods that allow a computer program to learn by itself. In other words, it can be said to be a set of algorithms that mimic human thinking and the ability to solve problems, learning and making decisions based on data.

AI has been around for decades, but it has been in recent years that it has become more prominent in our daily lives. The AI market is growing rapidly, and although it is used in many fields such as healthcare, finance, and marketing, there are still many other areas within companies and businesses where this technology can be applied.

Its linkage to blockchain has helped this tremendous growth. While artificial intelligence represents the set of algorithms that attempt to recreate the same capabilities as humans, blockchain is a technological, decentralized, and secure system that enables transactions. Their connection is partly because artificial intelligence is very fast and efficient at working with encrypted data such as that of blockchain technology. Thanks to the digital records stored in blockchain, the intelligent agent can quickly and easily read, understand and analyze the data.


AI in the business world

The business world is changing. The Internet has changed the way we buy and sell products. Mobile devices have changed how we communicate with each other. And artificial intelligence will change how we make decisions.

Implementing this technology in a company or business offers multiple possibilities such as:

  • Helping to increase profits by making more accurate predictions about customer needs.
  • Helping retailers to offer better service.
  • Automating processes such as customer acquisition or lead generation.
  • Help schedule meetings.
  • Make recommendations based on customer preferences.
  • Make decisions quickly and accurately.
  • Automate service through chatbots: these assistants interact with customers, solving their doubts and helping them with any problems they may have; becoming a way to optimize and improve customer service.
  • Pricing: the dynamic pricing sought by some companies can be achieved with the application of AI. This technology considers the demand for a product at a given time together with user behavior and other external data that may influence that type of product and situation (such as weather, news, traffic…), to establish dynamic prices.
  • Content creation: thanks to AI, companies can generate unique content (plagiarism-free) and quickly for their social networks and blogs. For example, there is a chat system with artificial intelligence called Chat GPT, trained to carry on conversations and perform language-related tasks such as writing content.
  • Digital campaigns: much more efficient paid media campaigns can be run and their performance improved as AI learns and collects data.

Many of these business benefits of artificial intelligence can be taken to the next level if companies start integrating blockchain into their projects, benefiting from the speed and efficiency with which AI works with encrypted data.


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