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Currently, an increasing number of people are opting for a vegan diet, whether for ethical, health, or environmental reasons. With this growing demand, there is a need for a reliable way to obtain nutritional information about vegan products.

This is where digital labels with nutritional information come into play, providing an innovative solution for both consumers and companies that produce and manufacture these products. In this article, we will explore the benefits of having these digital labels and introduce Certylabel, the ideal solution to implement in your company.


Benefits of digital labels

Accurate and accessible information for consumers

A digital label with nutritional information on vegan products provides consumers with precise and up-to-date data about the nutritional components of a particular product. This includes information on calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. By having access to this information in a clear and accessible manner, vegan consumers can make informed and appropriate decisions for their dietary needs. Additionally, digital labels can also indicate if the product is suitable for people with specific food allergies or intolerances.


Promoting transparency and trust

These labels promote transparency in the food industry. By clearly displaying the ingredients used and the nutritional values, trust is generated between consumers and companies. This is particularly important in the context of vegan food, where consumers want to ensure that the products they choose are free from animal-derived ingredients. Transparency in nutritional information also allows consumers to compare products and select those that fit their preferences and dietary needs.


Driving innovation and product improvement

Companies producing and manufacturing vegan products can benefit greatly by gathering data on consumer preferences and needs through these labels. Accessing valuable information can help them innovate and improve their products. By better understanding market tastes and demands, they can adjust their recipes and adapt their marketing strategies more effectively.


Compliance with Regulations and Quality Standards

Digital labels with nutritional information for vegan products can also help companies comply with regulatory requirements and quality standards set by health authorities and regulatory bodies. These labels ensure that vegan products meet specific criteria necessary to be considered as such and provide a clear way to communicate this to consumers. Furthermore, they can help prevent errors in ingredient declaration or nutritional information, ensuring the integrity of the products and consumer trust.



Our Solution: Certylabel

Certylabel is the web application that facilitates the creation of digital labels with the nutritional information of different products certified in blockchain, providing value to both companies and end consumers.

This digital label is made available to consumers through a unique QR code physically printed on the vegan product. Each time a customer scans the QR code with their mobile device, they are directly redirected to the digital label of that product via a web page or app.


How does it work?

  • Create a digital identity: register on Certylabel and verify your company’s identity. This step is essential to assign responsibility for all certified label information.
  • Fill in your product information: in addition to composition and nutritional information, you can add a description, photos, product history, laboratory reports, awards, certificates, and more.
  • Information registered on the blockchain: the product’s composition, nutritional information, and any laboratory reports are certified on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and information security.
  • Download the QR code: after filling in the product information, a dynamic QR code is generated, leading your consumers to the page displaying all the nutritional information. If you want to change or update the page’s data in the future, the previously generated QR code will still be valid.


How is it different from other digital label solutions?

Certylabel offers several advantages over similar solutions:

  • The application registration process is verified, preventing anyone from registering and falsifying a company’s identity to generate fake labels.
  • Our QR labels are certified with technology, providing greater security and confidence for consumers.
  • Our QR codes never expire and can be dynamically updated.
  • You can generate unlimited QR codes for each product.
  • Additionally, Certylabel includes other additional modules, such as raw material traceability, marketplace connection, laboratory analytics, user reviews, reading data reports, and more.

If you want to learn more about our new product, do not hesitate to contact us.

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