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As we have shown in different articles, blockchain technology has great potential in different social areas. Today we come to talk about the advantages of its application in education sector.

Within this field, blockchain can be applied to schools and institutes as well as to universities, online courses or other disciplines focused on learning and knowledge. Specifically, blockchain technology can be applied to:


Academic data management

Blockchain would allow to collect and manage in a secure and fast way all the data related to each student, being able to safeguard all kinds of documents related to their education: academic worl, grades, degrees….

Moreover, thanks to its immutability, it could be an important element in preventing plagiarism and fraud.


Store and certify titles issued by educational institutions

Once the student has completed his or her training, the institution issues a certificate or diploma in paper or online format that will allow the person to prove that he or she has completed his or her studies. However, problems arise if the issuing institution disappears or if the documents are lost. In addition, it costs time and money for educational centers to issue and store them.

With blockchain and its immutability, a new system for issuing diplomas can be established that allows this type of documents to be stored securely and without the possibility of loss in blockchain. In addition, it allows an institution or even a company to verify a person’s academic record, being able to check whether a degree is false or true, thanks in part, to the time stamp offered by blockchain.

Certyfile, the digital notary solution offered by iCommunity Labs, allows any school, institute, university or training center to certify the degrees they issue, offering transparency and security to the institution itself, as well as to the student and future hiring companies.


Speed up and reduce costs in tuition payments

The bureaucracy that appears in the payments that are made in order to receive training is usually tedious as there are different parties involved, including the institutions or ministries that offer scholarships. However, with blockchain the management and bureaucracy would be speeded up while reducing the administrative costs that are included in the tuition fees paid by students.


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