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Blockchain in municipalities and public administrations

Process audit and verification

Certify with iBS the processes for awarding aid, subsidies or tenders and enhance the relationship and transparency with citizens.

Blockchain technology provides an additional layer of traceability and integrity of data , significantly reducing the risk of fraud and thus improving the service provided to citizens by enabling better monitoring and verification of the data associated with certain processes, such as those related to subsidies, social assistance, tenders or voting on popular proposals >.

iBS is a solution based on this revolutionary technology, designed to provide greater security and traceability of the data handled by Public Administrations and town halls. With iBS, the monitoring and verification (audits) of the processes related to the adjudication and management of social assistance, subsidies or public tenders are optimized. In this way, the relationship with citizens is strengthened. In addition, thanks to its blockchain-based identity verification service, it allows the implementation of electronic voting processes on local issues, thus further empowering citizens by making them a participant in the use of public resources and funds. .

Discover how iBS strengthens citizen trust and improves efficiency in public management.

With iBS you’ll get:

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