Certification of documents for companies

Certification of documents on blockchain

Certifies and protects all types of documents on the blockchain in a secure and easy way.

Blockchain technology has come to revolutionize the registration of documents. Companies generate a multitude of documents that need to be stored securely, transparently, and immutably as they contain information related to trade secrets.

With certification on the blockchain, the digital fingerprint of the document is stored on a blockchain, ensuring that it cannot be altered or manipulated without leaving a trail of the modifications.

Why register documents on the blockchain?

Impact of iCommunity

iCommunity presents Certyfile, your digital notary solution. The web application allows you to certify documents and all kinds of digital content on the blockchain immediately, ensuring their authenticity and immutability at a reduced cost.

Certyfile integrates iCommunity’s iBS platform to offer its users a solution that allows for the generation of evidence through the digital notary service provided by blockchain technology.

Furthermore, thanks to the identity verification offered by iBS, all generated evidence will always be associated with a previously verified digital identity automatically and securely.

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