Legal sector

Blockchain in the legal sector

Benefit from the legality of blockchain.

Blockchain is a technology that is increasingly being used in various sectors, including the legal sector.

Use cases

Blockchain technology presents the following use cases within the legal sector:

Document protection

In legal, blockchain has mainly been used for the authentication and verification of documents and records.

Thanks to the functionality offered by blockchain, a company can protect all documents containing information related to its trade secrets, as well as prototypes or designs, to eliminate the risk of possible counterfeits or plagiarism.

At the same time, this technology allows for the notarization of documents, having great usability in contracts, commercial agreements or NDAs, among others.


From iCommunity, we present Certyfile, the digital notary solution that allows you to register and protect all your documents in seconds and in a secure way.

Certyfile integrates the iBS platform from iCommunity to offer its users a solution that allows for the generation of evidence through the digital notary service offered by blockchain technology.

In addition, thanks to the identity verification offered by iBS, all generated evidence will always be associated with a previously verified digital identity in an automatic and secure manner.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Blockchain can be used to create immutable and verifiable records of copyrights, allowing for the digitalization and simplification of the current registration process, reducing time and costs.

Blockchain technology offers proof of authorship, which allows for the demonstration of copyright ownership of any type of document, composition, or work, eliminating the risk of plagiarism.

iCommunity offers two web-based applications based on blockchain evidence generation to protect copyright:


The web platform that allows for decentralized registration of musical compositions and works to prevent plagiarism.


The decentralized registration platform for the intellectual property of illustrators, artists, and writers.

Data Protection

Blockchain can be used to protect the privacy of personal data. Through this technology, data is stored in a decentralized way, which means there is no single point of access, reducing the possibility of hacks or thefts.

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