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Property registration

Blockchain in property registration

An innovative and efficient alternative.

Property registration is a legal procedure that aims to provide legal security to the acts and contracts that are carried out on real estate properties. It is carried out in the offices of the Property Registry where real estate properties are registered, as well as any type of charge or limitation that may exist on them.


Despite being a crucial task that provides security and confidence to investors and property owners, the property registration process is slow, expensive, and vulnerable to fraud and human errors.


Blockchain technology presents itself as an innovative and efficient alternative to carry out this process. In the case of property registration, blockchain allows the creation of a distributed database that enables the registration of real estate transactions in real-time and transparently, guaranteeing their authenticity.

Benefits of using blockchain

  • Without intermediaries

Intermediaries are eliminated, which allows for streamlining the process and reducing costs.

  • Reduction of fraud and errors

Fraud and errors are reduced, as blockchain technology allows for access to information securely and transparently.

  • No in-person procedures

The need for in-person procedures at the property registry offices is eliminated, allowing real estate transactions to be carried out completely digitally. This further streamlines the process and makes it more accessible.

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