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Traceability of materials and samples

Record critical processes with iBS to provide better information to patients and professionals.

Blockchain technology provides an additional layer of traceability and integrity of data , significantly reducing the risk of errors and thus improving the service provided to customers. patients and professionals in the sector, by enabling better monitoring and verification of the data associated with certain assets, such as those related to prostheses, pathological samples or surgical material strong>.

iBS is a solution based on blockchain technology designed to improve traceability in the healthcare sector. By integrating into a Hospital Information System (HIS), iBS provides an additional layer of traceability and security in the management of relevant data. With iBS, monitoring and verification (audits) are optimized, thus strengthening commitment and the relationship with patients. In addition, thanks to blockchain-based identity verification, it is possible to improve processes such as informed consent, thus avoiding repetition each time a patient visits a center to carry out a test or intervention.

Discover how iBS strengthens the relationship between hospitals and patients and improves the traceability and security of the data they handle.

With iBS you’ll get:

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