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Control and monitoring in the supply chain

End-to-end certified traceability

Improve efficiency and resolve disputes caused by lack of control and confidence in the data.

Traceability is the ability to trace each of the steps that make up a company’s processes</ strong>, collecting, recording and monitoring the information and data generated in each of them. Traceability is essential to ensure product quality, transparency in operations, and compliance with regulations. Thanks to it, companies can quickly identify any problem throughout the process and take measures to solve it, thus increasing their efficiency and safety.

In iCommunity we revolutionize business traceability through the use of blockchain technology, allowing end-to-end monitoring of operations and efficient resolution of problems. Discover how iBS transforms the way companies manage traceability in their supply chains.

With iBS you’ll get:

With iBS you’ll avoid:

Advantages of using iBS:

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