Traceability for businesses

Blockchain traceability

Incorporate complete traceability into your processes with blockchain.

Traceability is the ability to track each of the steps that make up a company’s processes, collecting, recording, and following the information and data generated in each of them.

Traceability is essential to ensure product quality, transparency in operations, and compliance with regulations. Thanks to it, companies can quickly identify any problems along the process and take measures to solve them, thereby increasing their efficiency and safety.

Blockchain for company traceability

The use of blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way companies handle traceability of their products and services. With blockchain, each step of the process is securely and decentralized recorded, providing transparency to operations.

How does it improve my business?

Among the benefits of using blockchain for business traceability are:

  • Security

Blockchain technology uses advanced cryptography and a decentralized system that ensures the security of data, avoiding the possibility of being manipulated or falsified.

  • Transparency

Information on blockchain is accessible to all participants in the supply chain, increasing transparency and trust in the process.

  • Efficiency

Automated traceability allows companies to reduce the time and costs required to collect and analyze data. In addition, it allows quickly identifying any problem along the process to solve it.

Impact of iCommunity

iCommunity provides iBS, a solution that allows for the integration of blockchain and verified digital identity into any traceability software, two essential technologies for business process traceability.

This is thanks to their simple API, which allows any company to integrate both technologies into their processes without the need for major development. It is as simple as inserting calls to iBS API within the traceability software to generate blockchain evidence for each step of the process.

In this way, each evidence is assigned to the digital identity of the person/machine that performed that step (and who has previously authenticated in the system), thus being able to build the “digital passport” of the entire process.

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