Certification of transactions

Avoid fraud losses and reputational risk with iBS

Blockchain technology provides an additional layer of security and trust in transactions associated with electronic payments, significantly reducing the risk of fraud, improving traceability and auditing of transactions and protecting both consumers and the companies involved in the transactions.

At iCommunity we are leaders in the certification of transactions using blockchain technology. Discover how iBS revolutionizes the security and reliability of digital transactions, eliminating the risk of fraud and the losses it entails.

With iBS you will get:

  • Improved security

Thanks to blockchain technology we improve and ensure the integrity of each transaction, preventing manipulations or alterations.

  • Increased transparency and traceability

Each transaction is immutably recorded, allowing transparent verification and complete traceability.

  • Loss reduction

By preventing fraud, companies save on disputes, investigations and financial losses associated with fraudulent payments.

With iBS you will avoid:

  • Fraud due to false transactions

We eliminate the possibility of altering or falsifying transactions, ensuring data integrity.

  • Reputational risk

Our solution protects your company’s image by preventing fraud and providing transparency in transactions.

  • Lack of trust

We generate trust in electronic payments by using secure and immutable technology such as blockchain.

Advantages of using iBS:

  • Quick and easy implementation

iBS is based on the BaaS model, offering a solution ready to be integrated in all types of platforms and processes through an easy API, without the need to develop from scratch.

  • Scalability and flexibility

We adapt and configure iBS to your business needs, allowing agile and efficient growth.

  • Simplified maintenance and upgrades

We take care of the infrastructure and upgrades, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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