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Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly important, and its presence in different sectors is increasing. Thanks to its intrinsic characteristics and its operation, it can play a major role in the academic sector, as it makes it possible to register data and verify the authenticity of documents such as degrees issued by universities or other educational institutions.

Individuals need to have reliable proof of their training or attendance at professional events in order to be able to prove it to companies. The current method based on a simple paper or PDF document does not guarantee its veracity, nor does it make it easy for a third party to verify its authenticity.

In the case of companies, apart from needing a reliable method to prove the training of the people to be hired, they also need to prove that their employees have carried out certain training activities in a truthful manner.

For these reasons, greater transparency and agility are required, so as not to depend on the verification processes of the different agents involved: students, universities or training entities and companies.


Blockchain in the academic sector

Both decentralization and immutability are characteristics of blockchain technology that make it an ideal method for authenticating academic credentials, as it provides a secure register of all academic data associated with a person’s identity. It can be used to store data on certificates and diplomas, courses and training, as well as any other document that needs to be certified.

The advantages of blockchain are many: it is a secure way to store information; it provides an audit trail to know who has accessed information at any time; it is transparent (all transactions are visible) and tamper-proof (forgery is impossible). These qualities make blockchain ideal for ensuring the authenticity of academic credentials.

Thanks to new technologies such as blockchain, it is possible to implement efficient systems for the certification of academic credentials that streamline both the hiring processes and verification processes for the audits that companies have.



From iCommunity, we have incorporated a new update to our digital notary solution Certyfile, with which you can certify attendance to all types of activities, whether training or professional events, with the highest levels of security and accessibility to information.

Thanks to Certyfile, people have reliable proof of the realization of a certain training activity, being able to publish it in their professional profiles, in their CVs, or give access to a company interested in hiring them.

As for the providers of these services, with Certyfile they can control possible forgeries, eliminating at the same time the reputational risk that this type of forgery supposes for them.

Finally, for companies, it means greater ease in the audit and legal compliance processes concerning the training of their employees.


Are you a university, academy, or training entity that wants to provide transparency to your students by registering the degrees issued in blockchain? Try Certyfile now and take advantage of the discounts for companies.

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