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There is an increasing number of artists who want to feel safe protecting their creations, which is why different platforms have emerged that allow such registration.

Although in Spain it is not necessary to register a work or carry out an administrative act to be considered its author, having previously registered it will help to prove its authorship, avoiding the need to resort to other types of evidence. Such registration helps creators to take legal action against third parties who make unauthorised use of their work, as well as allowing them to assign their rights with full legal guarantees.

In Spain there are three types of registration:

1- State Public Registers.

The first category are the State Public Registers. In these, the rights of authors, performers and producers of phonograms can be registered, as well as the authorship of the work and subsequent acts (contracts, transfer of rights, change of ownership, etc.). Although the other forms of registration are valid, this one has the added advantage of being backed by the State; however, they have a long and cumbersome process, are not cheap and do not allow the registration of creations that are not considered finished by the registrar, which prevents partial registration during the creative phases of a work.

2- Private Intellectual Property Registries

The second type of registry is the Private Intellectual Property Registry, which is an alternative to the General Registry. These are private companies that act as trusted third parties and accredit the existence of a document through the Internet and by means of distributed registration technologies (DLT or blockchain). Their main advantages are speed, simplicity, low cost and the possibility of making partial registrations of any creation.

3- CMO / IGO

The last option is to patent your work in the registry of a CMO (Collective Management Organisation) or an IGO (Independent Management Organisation). However, the registrations made with these organisations are not for the purpose of proving the existence of rights, but only for the management and collection of these rights.


Musicdibs and Davcopy

The solutions created by iCommunity Labs in relation to the registration of creations, which fall into the second type of registrations, are the Musicdibs and Davcopy platforms. Both use blockchain technology to generate evidence with each record that will remain in time and will be accessible from anywhere in the world.

The process begins in the same way as when you go to a notary to sign a document, or when you go to a public registry to make a record: verifying your identity. This is necessary so that the certificates issued have legal validity, since in this way the records are always associated with a previously verified identity. But you can rest assured that your personal data will not be shared with anyone and will only be used for this purpose. In addition, you should know that when carrying out blockchain certifications this information will not be visible, since thanks to cryptography we “anonymise” all operations, keeping your personal data safe. The registration of the work generates a unique digital fingerprint (hash) and a time stamp, where the identifying data that automatically links the author with his or her creation are encrypted. In this way, in the event of a legal dispute, anyone can validate this code and verify that you are the original author.

Musicdibs, focused on the music industry, is the first platform in Spain that allows the copyright registration of compositions through blockchain technology, providing a digitalized and decentralized certification that makes the process cheaper and easier.

Continuing with iCommunity’s solutions is Davcopy, the registration platform specialized in the audiovisual sector. Thanks to cryptography and blockchain, the certificate offered by Davcopy is a reliable and secure proof of ownership that can be used against possible plagiarism and theft by third parties who use scripts or video creations without authorisation.

In conclusion, blockchain technology significantly reduces digital registration costs and is more efficient than traditional forms, facilitating new platforms such as Musicdibs and Dacopy, pioneering projects in the fields of registration of musical and audiovisual creations.


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