Blockchain in the public sector2 min read

Blockchain technology can improve the performance of the public sector by providing transparency, trust and speed to its services.

The set of organizations and institutions that make up the public sector must deal with the daily provision of a large number of services. This task must be carried out in the most efficient and transparent way possible to avoid possible problems related to corruption.

The public sector must respond to multiple tasks with speed of reaction and facilitating citizen participation through transparency. This responsibility is often met with drawbacks such as budget restrictions and reduced resources.

In this case, the digital transformation offers a great opportunity, becoming rather a necessity for the optimal functioning of this sector. Blockchain technology is one of the alternatives to consider since its operation and inherent characteristics allow it to operate efficiently and transparently, generating new services and improving existing ones.

Mainly blockchain would contribute to greater transparency that as a result would increase the confidence of citizens towards the benefits of the public sector. In addition, this trust would not stop there since the entities could share data in a secure way, allowing institutional interoperability.

However, these are not the only utilities that blockchain brings to the public sector, as it also favors the agility of many existing processes and operations. Digitization together with the elimination of trusted third parties provides speed, reducing current periods and improving services.

But for the implementation of blockchain technology to bring benefits to this sector, a predisposition on your part is necessary, which must begin with the search for experts in this field, the designation of those responsible and the adoption of technological changes.


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