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Live events continue to be one of the most visited and awaited events by crowds of people whether they are concerts, matches or plays. However, there appears a great dissatisfaction on the part of fans to such multitudinous events.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire tickets for major shows and it seems normalized the appearance of such tickets in secondary markets for high prices. Therefore, the community that attends these live events is used to being left without tickets after waiting in long virtual queues or having to spend twice as much money on resale. However, it is necessary to emphasize that the problem is not reselling a ticket for not being able to attend due to external events, if not that companies are dedicated exclusively to carry out these resales to make a profit.

As if that were not enough, on many occasions there are falsifications of these tickets, preventing their use to attend the shows. Despite the fact that these problems have been with society for some time, especially since the purchase of online tickets, there seems to be no clear solution.


Blockchain and ticket sales

With blockchain and all that this technology entails, a new approach could be brought to live event ticketing. Thanks to the transparency provided by this technology, it would be possible to know the journey that the ticket takes and identify whether the person acquiring the ticket is a bot or a company specialized in resale, or a person who is really interested in that event. In addition, through smart contracts, a maximum or minimum price could be applied to these tickets, thus limiting the high prices that appear in the secondary market.

Regarding counterfeiting, blockchain also provides a solution since the chain itself would generate a proof of authenticity of the ticket, which could put an end to these bad practices.


Ticket NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens, which as we know are based on blockchain, can also acquire a leading role in this sector. On the one hand, the NFT ticket would hold the credentials to access the event showing the ownership of that ticket, as well as reducing the risk of ticket loss by being stored on blockchain. And, on the other hand, artists could use them to give rewards or additional advantages to NFT ticket holders.


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