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Blockchain technology makes it possible to track donations made to support different humanitarian programs, offering greater security and transparency to the NGOs in charge of these projects.

Technological developments have opened new doors to NGOs and solidarity projects offering new ways to reach people; however, they have also increased the lack of confidence in the veracity of the actions of these organizations due to the multiple scams that take place in the digital world.

This insecurity could be reduced or even disappear if we had a technology that would allow us to know all the actions that take place from the moment of the donation until the social impact is generated. But this is not something new, since blockchain technology allows this traceability necessary to provide transparency and trust in solidarity projects.

The use of blockchain technology by NGOs would allow the people involved in the project to receive more funds thanks to the increased reliability of these programs. But, in addition, this technology acts with greater efficiency reducing corruption and infrastructure and management costs, resulting in a greater benefit for the people helped.


Traceability from donation to project completion

When the donation is made, an immutable certificate is self-generated and recorded in the blockchain, thus avoiding data alteration and allowing to have all the information related to the donation.

In this way, the traceability offered by blockchain would allow donors to track their contribution, observing all the stages through which the aid passes from the time it is made until the end of the project, also being able to know the effects and results that their donation has had.

Therefore, the main benefits of blockchain technology compared to other services related to humanitarian aid would be transparency, monitoring and security. However, in order to offer these benefits to donors, it is necessary to dedicate resources and invest in this new technology, which may pose new challenges for NGOs.

The introduction of blockchain enables traceability 4.0, facilitating intelligent auditing, preventative decision making and a differentiating value proposition focused on consumer satisfaction in any sector.

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