Blockchain will increase trust and transparency in everything that happens around coffee: from its collection to the pricing process, through the entire roasting, packaging and sale chain.

In this way, the circular economy is favored and the relationship of trust between all parties is enhanced, generating greater transparency and efficiency.


Today, coffee lovers consume an estimated half a billion cups a year. If we analyze the range of consumers between 19 and 24 years old, two thirds affirm that they prefer to buy a coffee that is cultivated in a sustainable way and that is obtained in a responsible manner. But despite the fact that the sustainability certification processes developed by international organizations have come a long way, it is still not enough since the reliability and independence of the recorded data is not guaranteed.

What does Blockchain really offer to coffee roasters?

There is no doubt that producers could, as long as the service provider uses accessible technology, reap benefits from blockchain. But do only producers get advantages? Or do roasters also receive the economic and commercial rewards?


Blockchain provides both producers and roasters with an excellent platform to sell and buy a good and sustainable coffee, the origin of which will be easy to identify and which comes from good coffee farms around the world, thus guaranteeing the quality and sustainability of the process.

Information about the coffee farmer and the price paid can not only give guarantees to the customer, but can also establish that emotional bond that makes them return again and again, even when a competitor offers a similar coffee for a lower price. The information that is stored on the blockchain gives you hard data that you can use to tell customers a story: one that focuses on a producer with a name and a family, a farm you can almost imagine, and better prices that can be demonstrated. .


A roaster from a country that does not produce coffee (such as North America, Europe, Northwest Asia or Australasia) has two options to buy green coffee: work with an importer or negotiate through direct trade, buying directly from the producer. In general, all this involves in-person visits, processing many documents and enduring a lot of bureaucracy to export and import coffee.

Blockchain digitizes all documentation, which is not currently standardized. Since the blockchain facilitates the recording of transactions, it helps to optimize the processing of documents, notifications, knowledge and data about coffee. This blockchain feature allows you to do business faster and in a more reliable and efficient way.



The immutability of the data that blockchain provides means that you can easily identify the origin of your coffee, know where it was produced and how it got to the roaster.

It also means that they can have more control over the quality of the coffee, registering the tasting points on the blockchain. If a quality problem arises, the records are reviewed to find out where things went wrong and how it happened.


As a roaster, your profitability depends on customer demand for your product. But if that product is constantly changing or quality cannot be trusted, it is difficult to guarantee that the purchase will be repeated.

Blockchain alone does not guarantee a more reliable supply of coffee. However, it can allow for stronger relationships to be established with producer partners. When a roaster can track their coffee purchases to the producer, they can buy the same coffee, from the same batch, from the same farm year after year, instead of simply buying coffee from that region.

In addition, you can communicate with the producer. Whether you want to say, “We would like to buy larger quantities next year,” “We noticed a high moisture content in this year’s purchase and we would like the coffee to dry more next year,” or simply, “We loved it.” this coffee ”, this can create a useful comment string.

A blockchain registered coffee is not necessarily a sustainable coffee. Nor is it necessarily one that is paid well, of good quality, nor the beginning of a lasting and sustainable relationship. But blockchain gives roasters the tools to better MONITOR all of these aspects and, in turn, COMMUNICATE this information to buyers.


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