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The idea of combining digital and physical realities where people can live immersive experiences and spend much of their time gives rise to the term metaverse. This concept is not new since it appears for the first time in 1992, however, in recent months it has acquired great prominence among society.

Through virtual reality and augmented reality, the individual can interact with other people and carry out many of the activities that make up his day to day. The objective of many companies that are currently working on their metaverses is to develop new forms of socialization and a digital economy through blockchain technology.

Although these virtual worlds are usually associated with entertainment and games, their uses can go much further. Companies are beginning to enter the metaverse to take advantage of the great business opportunities it can bring.

Next, we show you the main businesses that can be developed in the metaverse:

1- Sale of products and land

One of the main activities that is already present in the metaverse is the sale of products, from clothing and fashion accessories to works of art. In many metaverses built on the blockchain these items are displayed in NFT format allowing their owners to dispose of their property.

At the same time in metaverses such as The Sandbox, one of its main functions is the sale of plots, which allows owners to build different properties, giving rise to the next business. una de sus principales funciones es la compraventa de parcelas lo que permite a los propietarios construir diferentes inmuebles dando lugar al siguiente negocio.

2- Construction and rental of spaces

Many companies begin to acquire land to build their own properties or to do business with them by renting them. In these spaces you can build from houses, to venues for events and concerts, offices and shops, among other buildings.

3- Creation of immersive experiences and events

Brands can take their e-commerce one step further by creating experiences in the metaverse that engage the consumer and improve their shopping experience. At the same time, they can hold events that eliminate the geographical and capacity limitations that the real ones have.

4- Distance work and training

The metaverse will allow companies new formulas to reach users and the creation of new products and services that, like the existing ones, must be communicated and made known.

5- Marketing

El metaverso permitirá a las empresas nuevas fórmulas de llegar a los usuarios y la creación de nuevos productos y servicios que, al igual que los ya existentes, se deberán comunicar y dar a conocer.

These are just some of the businesses that may have great prominence within the metaverse, but as it becomes established in society, many more may arise.


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