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The technology blockchain is gaining increasing prominence, and its presence in sectors such as academia is on the rise.

Both accessibility and immutability are some of the characteristics of this technology that make it an ideal method for authenticating academic credentials, as it provides a secure record of all academic data associated with a person’s identity, which can be accessed from any location for verification or auditing purposes.

Both individuals and companies need a reliable and easily accessible proof of participation in such activities, whether for their own employers or for certain official entities that require proof for continuous education validation, grants, etc. The problem is that the current method, based on a simple paper or PDF document, does not guarantee its veracity or make it easy for a third party to verify its authenticity, making it vulnerable to fraud.

In this context, platforms like Certyfile appear, offering the possibility of certifying attendance in all kinds of educational activities, such as courses, conferences, seminars, etc., thus generating valid evidence of the activity for any type of procedure or requirement.


The new certification module for educational activities by Certyfile

Thanks to Certyfile, providers and organizers of educational activities (courses, conferences, seminars, etc.) now have the perfect tool, as it eliminates the possibility of forgeries while providing their customers with a certificate to demonstrate the completion of the activity to any requesting entity.

As for the attendees of these activities, thanks to the certificates issued by Certyfile on behalf of the organizing entity, they have reliable proof of their participation, which they can publish on their professional profiles, CVs, or simply provide access to a company or organization that needs to verify the accuracy of the activity.


How does it work?

Generating a blockchain-registered attendance certificate with Certyfile is a simple process. Watch the following video to see how it’s done:



Are you a university, academy, or educational entity looking to provide transparency to your students by registering issued titles on blockchain?

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