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We lanched Bet2Share, the first application in Spain that allows the certified registration of lottery and shared bets through the latest technology: blockchain. In this way, users will be able to buy and share their bets with friends and family safely and without distrust.

As every year, there are many citizens who, at this time of the year, start buying tickets to exchange them and share them with friends and family. However, Legálitas reminds that, although there are no official guidelines to share a lottery ticket with other people, there are a series of important recommendations that should be taken into account:


What is essential to share lottery without risks?

First of all, make it clear from the very beginning who participates in the ticket and how. The most important thing is to put the agreement in writing and in a reliable way. The Lottery works “to the bearer”, that is to say, the person who has the ticket in his possession is the one who will be able to collect it. Thus, and as physically only one person can keep it, it is convenient to leave reflected in a document the agreement reached to share the purchase among several people and the way to divide the money if the ticket is awarded.

It is recommended that this document includes the relevant data, such as the name of all the participants and the amount that each one has contributed in the purchase of the ticket. It is also advisable to include the date and photo of the original ticket.


Is it valid to have only a photocopy of a shared ticket?

It is not enough: to do it in a safe way it will be necessary to photocopy the lottery ticket and to include, in each copy that we distribute to friends or relatives, the name of all the participants and the amount that each one has contributed to buy the ticket.


What happens if I do not share my winning lottery ticket?

Any person who, after having agreed to share a ticket or bet, decided not to do so would incur in a crime of misappropriation, but as long as it can be proven that the tenth belongs to more than one person. We would be talking about a crime of misappropriation punishable by imprisonment for 6 months to 3 years and a fine if the amount of the appropriated exceeds 400 euros and a fine if the amount is less.


How can I know that the lottery ticket that has been shared with me is authentic?

You must check that the lottery ticket or bet has: logo, code, corresponding verification elements and always acquire it in a place authorized for sale.


Is a photo of my ticket shared by WhatsApp valid?

Making a Whatsapp group with all the participants and sending a photo of the shared ticket with all the data of interest, does not come bad, but it has a number of limitations, since the screenshots of the application can be falsified and messages can be manipulated, so, in case of doubt, you could even get to need the intervention of telephone providers or an expert for verification.


Bet2share: share lottery and bets legally and securely

As we have already seen, sharing via WhatsApp or email is not the safest way to do it. That’s why iCommunity Labs presents the first web application specialized in the certified registration of shared lotteries and bets.

With Bet2share your lotteries and shared bets are registered on blockchain in just 4 steps:

  1. Fill in the registration form and verify your identity, so that your registrations have legal validity. In this way you will be registered as the depositary of the ticket or bet in question, thus acquiring legal responsibility for them.
  2. Acquire credits in order to upload your photo to the general panel and we will encrypt it and register your digital trace in blockchain. This process generates a time stamp, which will also guarantee you the exact date and time you made the registration.
  3. Make the registration, following the instructions.
  4. Download the certificate with all the registration data and always keep your original file to maintain the validity of the registration.
  5. Share your certificate and the original document with the registered data with the rest of the participants, so that they can have a copy and verify that you have indeed registered their data correctly.


Do you usually share lottery or bets with your friends and family? Do it from now on safely and try Bet2share. Take advantage of the launch discounts for individuals and companies.

Yes! I want to register and certify my lotteries and shared bets.

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