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Safe, instant and cheap.

Protect your copyright

Register your artistic creations, with legal validity throughout the world and indefinitely

Musicibs and Davcopy are two solutions aimed at the music and audiovisual industries, respectively.

They provide immediate and secure copyright registration of any type of artistic creation, guaranteeing its authenticity and immutability for a very low cost

Current chalanges

  • The current processes for copyright registration are tedious, long and expensive, creating a barrier for professional and non-professional artists and creators.
  • Impossibility of making partial registrations during the creative process (although there is no legal obligation), which is highly recommended to avoid plagiarism during said process.
  • There is no unified process to register the different types of copyright (musical, audiovisual, artistic, literary,…).
  • Lack of standarization and uniformity across countries, many of which do not even provide a copyright registration process.

How do they work?

Thanks to iCommunity Labs Blockchain technology, after verifying their identity, users can register their copyrights with a few clicks. To do this, users only have to fill out a form and attach the file containing the artistic creation, be it songs, scores, videos, scripts, books, etc., thus ensuring integrity and ownership</strong > of them by means of a digital trace and a time stamp.

Musicdibs and Davcopy</a > integrate the iBS platform of iCommunity Labs to offer its clients a solution that allows the generation of evidence through the registration service offered by our blockchain technology.

These solutions also represent a “show-case” that demonstrates how simple and fast it is to develop all kinds of applications based on blockchain technology, by using the API provided by the iCommunity Labs iBS platform. .


Powered by iCommunity’s blockchain technology, Musicdibs and Davcopy represent a great innovation by providing:

  • Ultimate security: They replace trusted third parties with mathematical proof thanks to blockchain technology
  • Total responsibility: Having previously verified the identity of the users, Musicdibs and Davcopy work like a digital notary, being able to audit the entire process of independently and automatically.
  • Private and immutable data: Thanks to the latest cryptographic technology, the certification data is stored securely and privately with a unique fingerprint. Musicdibs and Davcopy does not save a single data: neither personal nor the digital content that is notarized.
  • International legal validity: The fingerprint and time stamp registered in the blockchain form the best digital evidence to guarantee worldwide authorship of a work.
  • Reduced cost: For a few euros you can obtain notarized digital evidence with legal validity.
  • Possibility of tokenization (NFTs): The author can convert his registered work into a non-fungible token (NFT) that he can then distribute or market among his followers or clients, thus offering an extra incentive and new monetization possibilities for creators.
  • Pay with ICOMs: If you have ICOMs, iCommunity’s token, you can use them to hire Musicdibs’ and Davcopy’s services with special discount, paying even less for your notarized evidences.
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