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Secure, instant and cheap.

Digital notary

Notarize any type of document or digital content, with legal validity and with a few clicks

Certyfile is your digital notary solution. Notarize documents and all kinds of digital content in the blockchain immediately and securely, guaranteeing their authenticity and immutability at a very low cost

Why using Certyfile?

  • Notarizations are expensive, slow and are not adequate to protect privacy, since in many cases they are made public.
  • Convenience of generating evidence as proof in practically any process, even if there is no legal obligation (traceability, for example)..
  • All notarizations are always automatically and securely associated with a previously verified digital identity (KYC/KYB).
  • SaaS solution based on pay per use: you only pay for notarizations, not for consulting or verifications

How does it work?

  • Certyfile integrates the iCommunity’s Blockchain-as-a-Service platform to allow its users to generate evidences through the digital notary service offered by blockchain technology.
  • After verifying their identity, users can generate evidence by digitally notarising their files, whether they are documents, images, audios, spreadsheets, presentations, etc., thus ensuring their integrity through a digital fingerprint
  • This solution also represents a show-case that demonstrates how simple and fast it is to develop all kinds of use cases by integrating iCommunity’s blockchain technology


Thanks to iCommunity’s blockchain technology, Certyfile innovates greatly by providing:

  • Ultimate security: We replace trusted third parties with mathematical proof thanks to blockchain technology
  • Total responsibility: Having previously verified the identity of the users, Certyfile works as a digital notary, being able to audit the entire process independently and automatically.
  • Private and immutable data: Thanks to the latest cryptographic technology, the certification data is stored securely and privately with a unique fingerprint. Certyfile does not save a single piece of data: neither the personal nor the digital content that is notarized.
  • Digital evidence: Blockchain-based hashing and timestamping form the best digital evidence to guarantee the authenticity of a document.
  • Reduced cost: For a few cents, notarised digital evidence with legal validity is obtained.
  • Pay with ICOMs: If you have ICOMs, iCommunity’s token, you can use them to pay for Certyfile’s services with a special discount, paying even less for your notarised evidences.
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