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Break down the barriers to using
Blockchain in your business

Easily deploy Blockchain solutions with iBS: a multi-chain Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that streamlines and accelerates the integration of Blockchain into businesses with it’s simple API.


Blockchain with no infrastructure

Blockchain-as-a-Service is a cloud-based service model that enables individuals and organizations to leverage blockchain technology without having to create and manage their own blockchain setup.

Why choose iBS?

Benefits of using iBS


Thanks to its API, you’ll have to write (almost) no code. And with the use examples included in its documentation, we guarantee that in a few hours you will have Blockchain in your application.


Thanks to its network management intelligence and mirroring mechanisms, you’ll have no problems with service availability, latency or cost volatility of blockchain operations.

No infrastructure

Thanks to its serverless architecture, you’ll have the best networks at your disposal and you won’t have to manage or update any type of hardware or software, thus saving a lot of time and money.

Cost savings

Thanks to its flexible and scalable pricing plans, you only pay for what you use, and the more you use it, the less you pay. Unlimited users: You only pay for recording data, not for reading it.

Because your time is important_

Focus on your business, we’ll take care of the rest

Low-code tools to add security and traceability to data and processes, in a simple way, without worrying about anything related to technology.

Discover the iBS dashboard >

  • REST API out of the box
  • All-in-one dashboard
  • Serverless platform<
  • Multi-chain
  • Always up to date technology
  • No gas, no wallets
Designed for developers_

“What does the iBS
API offer you?”

You will be able to easily integrate iBS in any thy of development, with multiple languages. And thanks to its complete documentation and examples you won’t have any difficulties doing so.

Read the documentation >

Use guides

Guides to help you connect and work with different languages in a very simple way. Integration explained step by step in video-tutorials.

Get connected in three steps

Register, create a signature and certify. In just three steps you can make your own blockchain certifications.

Who is the iBS platform for?

Solutions for every need

Business managers

It allows all types of companies to improve and optimize their processes, while offering them the possibility of creating new services for their clients.

IT Managers

Thanks to our cloud architecture, stop worrying about having to test and scale your blockchain solutions and benefit from a pay-per-use solution.


Forget complicated developments: thanks to the iBS API and its dashboard you will have everything you need to create serverless solutions in a few hours.

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Use cases_

A flexible and easy-to-use API

Quickly integrate iBS into any industry

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Payment plans_

Start small and scale with your business


Recommended for Proofs of Concept

  • Up to 30 records/month (€1.99/extra record)
  • Up to 1 user (digital identity)
  • Integration and testing environment
  • Record checker
  • Full API-Rest
  • Videotutorials
  • Standard support (8×5)
  • Network choice
  • Record redundancy





For environments starting in production

  • Up to 250 records/month (€1.40/extra record)
  • Up to 3 users (digital identity)
  • Medium-priority processing queues
  • Integration and testing environment
  • Record checker
  • Full API-Rest
  • Video tutorials
  • Standard support (8×5)
  • Redundancy of registers
  • Choice of network




Recommended for growth environments

  • Flexible and scalable packs
  • Integration and testing environment
  • High-priority processing queues
  • Network pre-selection (main and backup)
  • Redundancy of registers
  • Record checker
  • Full API-Rest
  • Video tutorials
  • Premium support (16×7)
  • Personalized advicing

From €1,590/year

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