iBS will have a connector on AuraQuantic’s platform to bring “Blockchain-as-a-Service” to its customers1 min read

iCommunity Labs, in order to continue democratise blockchain adoption across all industries and expand its portfolio of providers and partners, has partnered with AuraQuantic to facilitate access to its “Blockchain-as-a-Service” platform, iBS, through a connector that will be available soon to its customers.

AuraQuantic is an enterprise software platform with 20 years of experience helping companies become more agile and efficient through its process automation platform. AuraQuantic has been leading the digital transformation processes in medium and large companies of all productive sectors.

In this line, the new connector with iBS that will be available in Auraquantic’s platform will allow its clients to integrate the functionalities offered by its multichain technology, such as: evidence generation, process traceability, document certification and many other use cases, in which iCommunity Labs already has more than 50 examples with clients of all sizes and sectors.


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