From iCommunity we want to thank all ICOMmuniters for their support, especially those who have bought our ICOM utility token in the PRE-SALE and PHASE 1. And it is for this reason and for them that we have created this loyalty plan, with which we want to reward your loyalty and commitment to our company and to everything we are doing and will do to democratize access to blockchain technology.

Therefore, we want to reward all those who keep their tokens in their ICOM account month after month, without taking them to another external wallet and without using them in iCommunity services. Therefore, during the next 6 months (from 7-June-2022 to 31-December 2022) each buyer will receive 1 ICOM per month for every 150 ICOMs that they have kept in their ICOM account during the previous month. In this way, whoever completes the 6-month plan will have received a total of 1 ICOM for every 25 ICOMs held in their ICOM account.


  1. The tokens will be credited monthly, based on the balance you have on the last day of each month, so that during month N+1 the tokens generated by keeping your tokens in your ICOM account at the end of month N are credited.
  2. The new tokens received during this reward plan will be unlocked ALL at once, on 1-Jan-2023.
  3. The tokens that you withdraw from your ICOM account to an external wallet will no longer be eligible for this loyalty plan, since it is a plan to encourage loyalty to PRE-SALE and PHASE 1 buyers who keep their tokens in your ICOM account from the moment of purchase.
  4. The validity of this reward plan will be until 31-Dec-2022. Possible extensions of this plan or new plans will be communicated throughout Dec-2022
  5. ICOM buyers who have made their purchases through Probit Global are excluded from this loyalty scheme.

The iCommunity Labs team.