ICOM on Solana: step-by-step tutorial2 min read

  1. How to buy ICOM on the Solana network?
  2. Wallets compatible with Solana.
  3. How do I transfer my ICOM tokens from the Ethereum network to the Solana network?

1. How to Buy ICOM on the Solana Network?

To purchase your ICOM tokens on the Solana network, simply register on Probit Global, buy ICOM, and when withdrawing, choose the Solana network.


Coming soon, you will also be able to buy ICOM on Raydium in a decentralized manner and participate as a liquidity provider.


2. Wallets Compatible with Solana

IMPORTANT: As a decentralized withdrawal wallet, you have several options, but we recommend Phantom wallet as it is 100% compatible with Solana. When sending tokens, they will appear automatically without any need for configuration. If you choose other wallets like Metamask, you will need to download the Solana snap, which is an add-on to make Metamask compatible. Here you can see a tutorial on how to do it. You will also need to add the ICOM contract on Solana: E7dFJ4eYZFxoU9EZxb2bbZ3HFALExA1qhMRGdE79hq9D.

If you use other types of wallets, always make sure to verify their compatibility and that they are set up on the correct network to avoid token loss. We recommend making a test transfer first to ensure everything is set up correctly.

In some wallets like Phantom, the ICOM tokens on the Solana network will appear as iCommunity (Wormhole) ICOM, until the next update of Portal Bridge, which is the chosen bridge for Solana.


3. How to Transfer My ICOM Tokens from the Ethereum Network to the Solana Network?

The chosen bridge for this migration is Portal Bridge, one of the most reliable and secure bridges currently for Solana, known for its robustness and security.

For this process, you have 3 options:

1. If you purchased your ICOM tokens from the official iCommunity website, you can request the withdrawal on the Solana network starting April 10th.

2. If you have your ICOM tokens on the Probit Global exchange, you can request the withdrawal on the Solana network by editing the blockchain type in the withdrawal section.


3. If you prefer to change networks in a decentralized way, you can do so on Portal Bridge by following these simple steps:

  • Enter the advanced section of Portal Bridge, select the Ethereum network, connect your wallet where you have the ICOM tokens, and enter the amount to transfer. Important: make sure you have enough Ethereum to cover the gas fee for the transfer.

  • Connect your Solana wallet and select “Manual Payment.”

  • Transfiera las fichas al puente de fichas Wormhole. Y aprueba las diferentes transacciones que te pida el sistema.


And that’s it! You now have your ICOM tokens on the Solana network. Remember that in your wallet, they will appear as iCommunity (Wormhole) ICOM, until the next update of Portal Bridge. Also, ICOM tokens on the Solana network are 100% compatible with the entire iCommunity products and services ecosystem.

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