iCommunity and Novacomp Group join forces to bring blockchain technology to Central American businesses2 min read

iCommunity strengthens its presence in the American continent through this strategic partnership, adding its blockchain technology products to Novacomp Group‘s service portfolio.

Novacomp is a leading technology group in products, services, and methodologies, with over 800 employees and presence in Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, the United States, Mexico, and Chile. Its goal is to guide and support its clients in their digital transformation processes through innovative solutions, particularly in the governmental and financial sectors.


With the signing of this agreement, iCommunity will contribute its blockchain technology solutions and expertise to Novacomp, while Novacomp brings its extensive client base, both governmental and private. They will also provide support with their staff in integration services, custom solution development, and local support. Both companies join forces to accelerate digital innovation for businesses in Latin America by incorporating blockchain-based solutions into their operations.

Thanks to this agreement, iCommunity continues its mission to democratize the use of blockchain technology in businesses, with a focus on addressing fraud issues, often stemming from data manipulation and identity theft. Their proposals aim to enhance the security of Point of Sale (PoS) systems in retail and ensure data integrity in electronic payments and transactions.

This is achieved through the generation of blockchain evidence, utilizing the Blockchain-as-a-Service platform ‘iBS.’ With this platform, any company can use blockchain technology as an additional service without the complexity associated with its direct implementation.


Do you have a business? Would you like to explore the potential of blockchain to make it more profitable and efficient?

At iCommunity, we understand that the key is not just investing in revolutionary systems but thoroughly studying the needs of companies, evaluating the possibilities, and assessing the return on investment for each innovation.

Our solutions offer tangible benefits that can empower your company, making it more profitable and competitive.

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