iCommunity closes agreement with Noahswap to list the ICOM token on its platform2 min read

iCommunity has closed an agreement to list its native token ICOM on Noahswap. This new partnership fills us with enthusiasm as it opens up new opportunities for the token’s reach and growth.


But what is Noahswap?

Noahswap stands out as the world’s first Non-Performing Assets (NPA) platform, dedicated to providing innovative solutions for cryptocurrency investors, offering users tools to mitigate and prevent losses.

Positioning itself as a global digital financial ark, Noahswap focuses on empowering projects with solid fundamentals whose tokens are undervalued by the market, helping them restore balance. Operating as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Noahswap is independent of centralized control.

This exciting agreement aims to boost the value of the ICOM token, especially after fluctuations in the bear market, to benefit the entire community.


What are the benefits for you?

  • Increased utility of ICOM tokens: by contributing your tokens to the protocol, their options and utility increase, opening up new opportunities for returns.
  • Customized rewards campaigns: we will work closely with Noahswap users to launch exclusive campaigns that offer rewards based on the amounts of inherited tokens that are minted.
  • Innovative point system: by participating in the protocol with your ICOM tokens, they will unlock rewards through a point system designed to help you recover from market losses.

You can now start earning returns on your ICOM tokens, here. Simply search for ICOM in the markets section and you’ll be able to see the corresponding pair. Add liquidity and earn up to 130% APR.

This agreement reflects both companies’ commitment to innovation and growth within the cryptographic ecosystem, offering the community new ways to maximize their digital assets.


Crypto assets investment is not regulated, and may not be suitable for small investors as the entire amount invested may be lost.
It is important to read and understand the risks of this investment which are explained in detail here.

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