iCommunity Labs adds the Polygon public network to its blockchain-as-a-Service platform, iBS2 min read

iCommunity Labs expands its portfolio of public blockchain networks on which it relies to provide its notarization and digital evidence generation services through blockchain technology, integrating the Polygon network into its iBS platform.

Polygon, formerly known as MATIC, is an EVM (Ethereum) compatible sidechain designed to enable faster and cheaper transactions, thus providing greater stability, scalability and availability to Blockchain-as-a-Service platform from iCommunity Labs.

Polygon’s scalable proof-of-stake architecture adds the decentralized security of Ethereum, allowing it to have the ability to create applications that can appeal to the masses while maintaining the power of decentralization.

Continuing with “Blockchain-as-a-Service” philosophy of iBS, the use of this network will be totally transparent to the user, since the platform makes use of the networks with which it operates automatically and intelligently, depending on their availability and the needs of the client at any given time, and the client receives the blockchain services without having to worry about anything related to the management and configuration of the networks.

Thanks to this, iCommunity Labs considerably improves its performance and contributes to the reduction of costs and energy consumption, providing alternatives to other public networks with worse performance (in terms of cost, latencies and energy consumption) thanks to the use of PoS consensus protocols, while introducing high availability mechanisms that guarantee the continuity of the service in the event of possible incidents that may occur in any of the other networks it supports.


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