iCommunity Labs increases the security and trust of its document notarisation and digital evidence generation service on blockchain, by incorporating identity verification for each certification carried out through its iBS blockchain services platform.

With this new functionality, iCommunity complements and improves the confidence in all the records and certifications that are carried out in blockchain, which is currently one of the main problems that blockchain presents in business applications, as it cannot guarantee the identity of the person carrying out a transaction in blockchain. In this way, as the transactions are associated with a process of verification of the identity of the person who generated them (individual or company), trust is increased and the possibility of non-repudiation is eliminated.

The technical team has developed an innovative digital identification system based on blockchain and using technologies such as IPFS (Interplanetary File System), encryption and 0 knowledge proof.  With this, their system solves the possible problem of storing personal data, and guarantees the veracity and validity of their transactions even if the company ceases to operate in the future.


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