iCommunity Labs, recognized as PYME INNOVADORA1 min read

iCommunity Labs has been distinguished by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) with the stamp of Innovative SME, thanks to its trajectory and technological development.

This recognition highlights the innovative nature of iCommunity, distinguishing it as a company that makes a great effort in this area to improve its competitiveness.

What is the “PYME Innovadora” Seal?

The “PYME Innovadora” Seal is a tool recognized by the Ministry that rewards companies that are committed to R + D + i with tax benefits in corporate tax, because they certify their activities and projects that they carry out as “innovation”.

It also implies interesting tax advantages, Social Security bonuses, registration in the “Innovative PYME” registry of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, as well as access to specific financing lines. These tax benefits can provide the company with large discounts of up to 40% on contributions to Social Security for the hiring of research personnel. And if we combine these deductions with those derived from R & D & i activities in Corporate Tax, the bonus can be up to 42%.

When making this type of hiring, companies had to choose between being deducted from the tax or deducting from the business fee from the Social Security contribution by research staff assigned exclusively to R & D & i activities. But by being registered with the “innovative SME” seal, we managed to make both issues compatible for the same person.

This seal also gives us the possibility of accessing the ICO Innovation Technological Fund (up to 1.5 million euros). On the other hand, it offers the opportunity to reserve innovative public purchases (R&D service contracts with the Administration).

iCommunity achieves with this distinction a great reputational advantage, as it endorses the innovative capacity of the project.

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