The time has come! We launched the native token of iCommunity Labs: ICOM4 min read

We launched the native token of iCommunity Labs, called ICOM, in an exclusive and very limited pre-sale, with more than 65% discount.

The rapid growth of the services and clients of iCommunity Labs, which has large companies such as Estrella Galicia, AENOR or Logalty, make the ICOM token a key and necessary point for the operation of the platform. It will be the link to optimize, enhance and make the business models of all the companies and users of the ecosystem more scalable. Favoring the decentralization and efficiency of the entire flow of services, and ensuring the value and robustness of the token.

One of the objectives of the company with this issue will be to encourage and accelerate the digital transformation of companies, using the tokens to be exchanged for exclusive services that the iCommunity platform currently offers to its user community (customers, partners and individuals), among which are: operating with different blockchain technologies (Ethereum, Hyperledger, Quorum, Flow), IPFS and eKYC storage services.

The money raised will be invested in strengthening our R&D section for the development of new business blockchain services, among which the following stand out: digital identity, interoperability between networks and tokenization of assets. Also in scaling and promoting international expansion, especially in LATAM where we already have a large community.

At iCommunity Labs we have reached the level of maturity and recognition to take this step. We have the security of being able to offer a complete ecosystem of services to make the ICOM token a real and unique utility token, which will add value and encourage the business application of blockchain.


ICOM Token: a single token, for an entire ecosystem of business innovation.

The utility of the token will grow according to the new use cases of the iCommunity platform and its partners.

The pre-sale offer will be for only 15 million tokens, out of a limited total of 100 million, and will be launched at a special pre-sale price of € 0.05, more than 65% off the final price. for public sale, set at € 0.15.

In turn, we ensure the minimum price of the token in the offer of services, avoiding the devaluation of the token on the platform and affiliates.

ICOM token use cases:

  • Procurement of services and governanceAll transactions and contracting of services on the platform will be paid with the ICOM token, facilitating the process and freeing you from bank fees for cards or transfers.It will also allow its holders to participate in governance decisions (product improvements, creation of use cases … etc)
  • RewardsThe use of the iBS platform and its use cases will be rewarded with offers and services within the platform and its affiliates, thus creating a system of mutual benefit where each participant is rewarded for their efforts.
  • Application directoryAll customers, partners and affiliates of the ecosystem that connect and carry out their transactions with iCommunity will be able to use the ICOM token in their projects, promoting a common token, and benefiting from the advantages, rewards and ease of use.

“Our mission is to bring blockchain technology to all industrial sectors to achieve mass adoption. With this issuance and pre-sale of our own token at a reduced price, we seek to incentivize all those users, professionals and companies that want to use blockchain in their projects and have not yet decided “

          Miguel Ángel Pérez, CEO of iCommunity Labs.

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iCommunity Labs: the future of blockchain as a service platforms.

At iCommunity Labs we have managed to develop a powerful and innovative multichain platform, unique in its sector, which has the ability to democratize blockchain technology to bring it closer to small and medium-sized companies. No need to program blockchain, which can be applied through a simple API connection.

Its hybrid technology, manages to lower transaction costs to fractions of a cent, avoiding the obsolescence of blockchain developments of thousands of euros, a key point to encourage its business adoption.

Our technology is audited and awarded by the most prestigious and competitive official innovation programs, such as NEOTEC 2020 and Proyecto Cervera. Initiatives of CDTI, (Center for Industrial Technological Development).

We solve real problems and add value to our clients, with the aim of being at the forefront of innovation.

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