After a tough selection, iCommunity is the first Spanish blockchain startup to be selected in the acceleration process of  MOBIGOIN ACTION. 

The objective of the program is to build a European and international strategic network based on the development of collaborations in the field of smart mobility. MobiGoIn-Action will promote solutions, and the experience of SMEs at an international level, taking advantage of strategic partners in Europe, United States, Canada, China and Singapore.


The main focus of MobiGoIn-Action refers to a sustainable, intelligent and safe mobility in metropolitan areas, achieved through the implementation of solutions, intelligent and cooperative transport systems, and sustainable for citizens and for urban transport.


The project lasts 24 months and is intended to support the launch, the initial implementation and the first development of the internationalization strategy of MobiGoIn.

The first open call focuses on bringing together European companies interested in internationalization opportunities in the US. UU And Canada with respect to the Automotive and Smart City markets.

The second open call also addressed to European SMEs and emerging companies in the Automotive and Intelligent Mobility sectors, defines the conditions to apply to the Internationalization Mission of MobiGoIn-Action in the US. UU