iCommunity adds a new client, Zertifika, to its portfolio. This company will integrate iCommunity’s blockchain platform, iBS, for its “Document Factory” services.

Zertifika is the reference group of companies in the global management and improvement of company comunication processes, aimed to the satisfaction of customers, users and collaborators. The firm seeks to accelerate the digital innovation of its clients, reducing the time it takes to start up digital services.

The company helps organisations to streamline their processes, reduce costs and manage more up-to-date and relevant information for the correct analysis of the situation, through its document management services.

Zertifika will integrate iCommunity’s blockchain platform, iBS, to notarise the management of the different phases of the document in the company, through the solutions already marketed within its global service “Document Factory”:

  • SIGNES 3.0: business process management platform designed to streamline, secure and centralise the operations of companies that require exhaustive control of the information and those involved, where iBS will carry out the traceability of the documents and the status of each of the processes.
  • LEXDRIVE: platform for the creation and management of digital files for law firms, where iBS will notarise all the processes of sending and receiving legal documents.

Thanks to the use of iCommunity Labs’ blockchain solutions, the Zertifika group will continue to make progress in its objective of optimising the management of the different phases of the document in the company, providing it with a notable competitive difference and a differentiating innovation factor that will allow it to expand its client portfolio and its portfolio with new services based on this technology.


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