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This Monday, November 27, the use case of document traceability in public administration was officially presented to the City Council of Madrid, detailing how our innovative solution will transform document management and administrative efficiency. We are pleased to announce that the presentation and acceptance have been successful.

After winning the National Awards for Blockchain and Advanced Technologies 2022, iCommunity began collaborating with the City Council of Madrid, the largest in Spain, and developing the award-winning use case.

Thanks to its implementation, it will be possible to verify the progress of an administrative procedure and carry out procedures securely and transparently, reaching unprecedented levels. In addition, iCommunity’s utility token, ICOM, will play a key role in streamlining various parts of the technical and administrative process.

Our solution will not only provide greater transparency and efficiency in the internal protocols of the Madrid City Council but will also be scalable for future city councils in Spain and lay the groundwork for broader collaboration with other international city councils such as Oporto, with which we are in advanced discussions.

This step not only shapes the future of our collaboration but also paves the way for the adoption of our solutions in other city councils at the national and international levels, marking a historic milestone for the adoption of blockchain technology and transparency in public processes in Spain.

This achievement highlights the trust that public institutions place in our blockchain solutions and the commitment we have to the digital transformation of the public sector.

iCommunity Team.

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