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iCommunity is the first blockchain platform selected in the acceleration process of the Marino-Maritime High Technology Incubator.


IAT Marino-Marítima

The IAT Marino-Marítima is an initiative that integrates incubation and acceleration programs with the aim of promoting innovative projects in the maritime sector. This incubator is at the intersection of marine engineering, biotechnology, material technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

The IAT is designed to house startups, emerging companies, and research projects in the field of marine engineering, offering them a favorable environment for growth, innovation, and collaboration.

The main objective of the high technology incubator is to promote the development of innovative solutions that can improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of maritime activities.


iCommunity selected by IAT Marino-Marítima

The launch of programs from this incubator began on April 14 at the Marino-Maritime Innovation Center in the port environment of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias. Mario García, Co-founder of iCommunity, attended the inauguration, and along with the rest of the selected companies, participated in an interesting initial networking and work day, to investigate possible synergies and solutions that can be developed for the sector.

Among the solutions presented, the one offered by iCommunity stood out, focused on improving the logistical and operational processes of ports through blockchain technology and digital identity. In addition to being a great opportunity to enhance iCommunity’s presence in the islands and in the maritime sector.


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