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Blockchain technology
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What is iCommunity?

iCommunity is an ecosystem of services and tools of Blockchain technology, designed to meet the needs of companies and organizations, simplifying and saving costs in its implementation.
This is what we call Blockchain-as-a-Service and it provides organizations with a fast, low-cost and low-risk way for them to adopt the technology, through different customizable “use cases” (vertical): financial crowdfunding, property crowdfunding, traceability (logistics, food, energy), certification of documents, etc.

iCommunity Blockchain Solutions (iBS) It is designed to fill the gap between business organizations and Blockchain technology, offering a service through "use cases" (vertical) that include a complete technical experience and the support of first level developers.

A turnkey solution that allows companies to develop and deploy new business models (or transform existing ones) through the use of Blockchain technology, in a fast, simple and economical way.

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We offer users the possibility to participate easily and safely in innovative and highly profitable projects. The ICOM_utility and the ICOM_security , our unique tokens for all our verticals, and the smart contracts act as a vehicle for value transfer in the market.

This common use of our tokens gives them a great intrinsic value, constituting an element of interest for all users of the platform.

And thanks to the existence of separate tokens (utility and security) we eliminate the volatility of those cases of use that do not require it (those that use the utility token).

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Investment or contracting
of services


Use Cases

ICOMs revalued

Return of the revalued investment
"We democratize the technology of the future in a simple and secure way."

Bringing it closer to companies and people , creating value and a more transparent, more equitable, and beneficial society for all.

Vertical or “use cases” available in iCommunity

iCommunity provides an entire ecosystem of vertical or “use cases”, which are grouped into 2 types:

  • Use cases based on “utility token” : are those verticals in which the token is only used as tool to be able to access the service in question, without granting its possession any other right or value. The most appropriate comparison is that of the chips of the casinos (only serve to play inside them, but without them you can not play). We have grouped these cases of use in iCommunity in SMART CONTRACTS and RECORD KEEPING . For all these use cases our “utility token” ICOM_utility is used: a token that is not affected by the volatility of cryptocurrencies thanks to its utility status.
  • Use cases based on “property token” : these verticals in which the token grants its owner certain rights (typically property or remuneration ). We have grouped these cases of use in iCommunity in SECURITIES and DIGITAL CURRENCY . For all these use cases our “security token” ICOM_security is used. This token will quote in a “security exchange”: a special secondary market for security tokens, which will give it great liquidity, but which will not be affected by the volatility of cryptocurrencies, since it is a different exchange only for utilities (not for cryptocurrencies).


Advantages of participating in iCommunity

Variety of protocols of use

Companies can implement different cases of blockchain use in order to transform their business models into highly productive ones. And all this without having to face costly and long projects, and customized to your needs ( “turnkey” ).

Use case already available: iBS-Documentum

Our first vertical already available , for document certification , creates a certificate of it that is uploaded to the block chain, which allows anyone to verify its authenticity and verify the data protected at all times.

Revaluation of the investment

The use of a common element  for an ecosystem with different real use cases, together with the limited number of these, will affect a necessary to the demand, increasing its intrinsic value and by both the value of the investments.

Participate in the benefits of iCommunity

ICOM will be adopted by all the companies of the platform, thus being able to participate in highly interesting financing projects in exchange for a percentage of its profitability.

Liquidity of Tokens

iCommunity will have a secondary market (security exchange) to give liquidity to users that count with ICOM_security, thus being able to transmit their participation in projects without having to wait for their expiration.

Strategic associations

Our partnership with Demium Startups , one of the top incubators in Spain, gives us access to a wide network of technological projects with great potential to be successfully financed. That’s why our vertical iBS-Funding has been chosen as a preferential financing platform for Demium startups.

iCommunity Team

Miguel Ángel Pérez
Co-Founder & CEO

Álvaro Chico González
Co-Founder & CTO

Mario García Prados
Co-Founder & CMO

Luís Miguel Couto
Co-Founder & CFO & CBO

Oliver Hernández
Blockchain Developer

Ricardo Campos García
BlockChain Developer

Alberto Moyano Sánchez
Cybersecurity Blockchain

Elena Jin
Director of communication and marketing

Natalia Piccinin
Digital Marketing

Jaime Vázquez Gubianes
Project Manager

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