Connect Rio40

//Connect Rio40

Spectacular host of iCommunity in the Conecta Retos Rio4.0 conference, in La Rioja. An excellent initiative where the services offered by leading technology companies are linked to the needs of La Rioja companies, mainly in the manufacturing industry.

Our case of use of traceability with blockchain raised great expectations among the attendees and we were able to close several pre-agreements of collaboration with industries in the sector. It will help maintain the truth and security of the appellation of origin in the wine industry, one of the most falsified in the world.

Traceability refers to the possibility of knowing in an immutable way the origin and end of a product throughout its distribution and transformation chain. In the European Union, the traceability of foodstuffs is under the supervision of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), but even then the falsification or loss of data is a real problem.
With blockchain we can obtain many advantages, some of them are: task scheduling, data reliability, accessibility of data in real time, quality assurance, brand image improvement, reduction of shipping times, reduction of development costs …etc.
Blockchain will be the quality standard of the immediate future and represents an incredible and unprecedented opportunity for the supply chain sector.

30 November, 2018