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From iCommunity we launched Whitelabel Web3, a “ready to use” technology solution with which companies and individuals can launch their own business and provide their customers with valuable services based on certification or evidence generation in blockchain.



One of the most talked-about terms in recent months has been Web3, the trend that seeks to evolve the concept of the Internet by decentralizing it with the help of blockchain technology. Specifically, it aims to offer new web applications and services based on the intrinsic characteristics of blockchain: decentralization, security, transparency, traceability and tokenization.

However, few entrepreneurs are able to launch businesses based on this technology because of the costs it can involve and how difficult it can be in the absence of the necessary technical knowledge. For this reason, iCommunity has decided to launch Whitelabel Web3.


Whitelabel Web3

A solution based on the white label licensing of our technology, which guarantees to obtain a functional solution, tested in the market and totally adapted to your needs for very little money and in record time.

In this way, whether you are a company or an individual, you will be able to launch your own service business based on certification or generation of evidence in blockchain, adapted to your sector and with your brand as if it had been developed by your team. A 360º solution to start from scratch and without worries, since you will have all your needs covered: consulting + customization + deployment + support and maintenance.

From iCommunity we have developed on Whitelabel Web3 successful cases such as:

  • Certyfile, a secure, instant and immutable document certification service, which allows to manage the traceability of these and protect contracts, agreements and all information related to the trade secret of companies and customers in a few seconds.
  • The Musicdibs and Davcopy platforms, both specialized in copyright registration, the first focused on the music sector and the second on the audiovisual sector.
  • Bet2Share, the first web application specialized in the certified registration of shared bets and lotteries.

If you are willing to start a web3 business and be among the first to take advantage of all the benefits offered by this great market, Whitelabel Web3 by iCommunity is the fastest way to monetize your idea and revolutionize your business sector.


Do you want to launch your own blockchain evidence business and join this great change?

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