Mark Venture will market iCommunity’s blockchain platform, iBS2 min read

The firm Mark Venture, an expert in agile digitalisation for business improvement, will market iCommunity’s iBS platform within its Vanware marketplace.

Mark Venture defines itself as the most agile digital transformation option on the market. To do this, they seek to continuously innovate and create and incorporate the best technology depending on the solution required by each client in each area or moment.

Initially, they were born as a product design and digital solutions company, but with time and innovation they have become a technology company expert in digitisation.

Mark Venture aims to help its clients achieve more agile and productive businesses by saving them time and money. Specifically, the firm specialises in designing and developing digital products, automating tasks and processes and creating intuitive smart models.

In order to offer the best solutions to their clients, they have a low-code technology as service platform with 20 cutting-edge technologies, which make it easier for their clients to access and use the best technology, avoiding large investments in time, equipment and money.

But this is not all, and they continue with its continuous innovation, from April they will market the blockchain services and tools provided by iCommunity’s iBS platform, through its digital solutions marketplace Vanware.

Vanware markets numerous APIs to automate tedious processes with technologies such as RPA and BPA. That is why the APIs that are part of iBS will be available at Vanware so that their customers can make use of them, integrating them into their developments and solutions.

Thanks to this agreement, iCommunity expands its sales channel for iBS while broadening its horizon to possible synergies with other convergent technology solution providers, such as AI, machine learning, big data or VR/AR.


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