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In recent years, fashion and technology have been increasingly coming together to the point that this traditional sector has been linked to one of the most disruptive technologies of the moment, blockchain. Specifically, its connection is mainly based on the famous NFTs.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with blockchain have managed to implement the characteristic of originality and scarcity that until now was difficult to represent in the digital world, causing an important change in this environment.

NFTs are digital assets that are given a specific value. Each NFT is a unique, original, and indivisible asset with verifiable digital properties that is registered in blockchain, which prevents them from being destroyed or replicated.

Here are the different applications of NFTs in the fashion world.


Collectible digital garments

NFTs within the fashion world can take on different roles. Mainly, non-fungible tokens allow brands to create digital collectible garments for which the most fanatic can pay large amounts of money.


Fashion items for metaverse

As we have seen in other articles, combining digital and physical realities where people can live immersive experiences and spend much of their time gives rise to the term metaverse. In this new space, people are represented by avatars who, in reality, use clothing to express their personalities.

Fashion brands use this type of tokens to introduce their garments or create new ones in a space where people will spend a large part of their day and need these items to build their personality in a new world. In addition, it will allow them to demonstrate ownership of these garments and enjoy their exclusivity.


Creating new business models

Thanks to the involvement of NFTs in the fashion world, exclusively digital clothing brands are appearing that differ from traditional ones by doing all their activity in an online environment. In this way, they do not have physical stores or storefronts, but they can create immersive experiences and approach a more digital audience familiar with new technologies.


Access to digital fashion experiences

Possessing an NFT can allow the customer of an apparel brand to access certain benefits, events, fashion shows, or experiences that the company has created both in the physical and online world.


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