Nubentos will incorporate iCommunity’s iBS platform1 min read

iCommunity Labs’ Blockchain-as-a-Service platform is integrated into the health industry’s leading API marketplace.

From the outset, iCommunity’s mission has been clear: to democratise the adoption of blockchain across all sectors of society, breaking down the boundaries and barriers that hinder its mass adoption. To this end, we are constantly creating new partnerships to expand our portfolio of suppliers and allies.

Within this context, iComminuty Labs is partnering with the API marketplace Nubentos to continue its mission to promote and facilitate the adoption of blockchain technology within the healthcare ecosystem. Nubentos is a “Digital Health as a Service” that seeks to drive the adoption of digital health innovations, access them and integrate them into any health software or health App.

In this line, Nubentos will incorporate iCommunity Labs’ blockchain platform, iBS, into its API marketplace, thus offering companies in the healthtech sector the possibility of generating digital evidence and notarising all types of content and events in blockchain in a simple way. The iBS API eliminates the need to learn and manage blockchain technology, providing a robust and scalable service that takes care of the infrastructure behind it.


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