Official statement: ICOM 2023 Loyalty plan1 min read

Dear community, from iCommunity we want to continue rewarding all ICOM token holders, renewing the loyalty plan for 2023. To encourage commitment to the company and everything that is being done and we will do to democratize access to blockchain technology.

Therefore, we want to reward all those who keep their tokens in their ICOM account month after month without taking them to another external wallet. Thus, for the next 6 months (from 1-Jan-2023 to 30-June-2023) each buyer will receive monthly 1 ICOM for every 150 ICOMs he/she has kept in his/her ICOM account during the previous month. Thus, whoever completes the 6-month plan will have received in total 1 ICOM for every 25 ICOMs held in their ICOM account.


  1. Tokens will be credited on a monthly basis, depending on the balance you have on the last day of each month, so that during month N+1 the tokens generated by keeping your tokens in your ICOM account at the end of month N are credited.
  2. New tokens received during this reward plan are not blocked.
  3. Possible extensions of this plan or new plans will be communicated via social networks and this medium.

The iCommunity Labs team.

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