Dear community,

Both rounds of IEOs have ended and we thank all participants for their commitment and support. The results obtained in the sale of the ICOM token have been 77% of the total number of tokens put up for sale, which we consider a pretty good result if we take into account how the crypto markets are today.

However, our partner Probit Global has decided to use the additional round that they offered us when signing the collaboration agreement, in order to speed up their launch pad as much as possible. This last round will seek to sell the rest of the available tokens at an attractive discount on the IEO to achieve this goal. The conditions of this new round will be announced shortly by Probit Global on its website.

Likewise, we inform you that the initial objective of listing the token in the days following the end of the IEO will be maintained, therefore the listing date (TGE) will be set for Monday, June 6.

The iCommunity Labs team.