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Dear community, we are pleased to officially announce the upcoming launch of the ICOM token on the Solana network, a strategic partnership to enhance the adoption and efficiency of enterprise blockchain technology.

As you probably know, Solana is a layer 1 (L1) blockchain project launched in 2020, which aims to boost the development of decentralized applications (DAPPs) and for this purpose offers a more scalable and secure platform. Some already define it as “the best medium-term competitor to Ethereum”, thanks to high transaction speeds and much lower transaction costs.

Solana has had a massive adoption since then, triggering an incredible growth of the NFT and DeFi market and creating around it a loyal community that has supported Solana up to these moments. And this is precisely what we, at iCommunity, seek to achieve by cloning the ICOM token into the Solana network. For this purpose, a decentralized Wormhole bridge has been created to facilitate the transfer of ICOMs between the Ethereum and Solana networks. In this way, holders of native tokens (ICOM-Ethereum) can convert them to equivalent tokens in Solana (ICOM-Solana) or reverse the process, as they deem necessary.

This decision presents great business opportunities for both iCommunity and ICOM token holders.

Business opportunity and growth potential

The migration of the ICOM token to the Solana network represents a significant business opportunity for iCommunity and its token holders. Solana, with its highly scalable architecture and fast transaction confirmation times, offers a conducive environment for the growth and mass adoption of iCommunity’s products. By joining Solana, the ICOM token is positioned to leverage these features to the fullest, potentially resulting in increased liquidity, greater token exposure, and heightened commercial demand.

Benefits of migrating to Solana

ICOM tokens on Solana come with a range of tangible benefits for users and the broader community. Firstly, Solana’s enhanced scalability and transaction speed mean users will experience quicker confirmation times and significantly lower transaction fees, enhancing network efficiency and accessibility.

Furthermore, Solana provides a robust development environment and advanced tools that facilitate the creation and deployment of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. This enables iCommunity developers and other projects to build more sophisticated and scalable experiences on the Solana network, potentially attracting more users and increasing the utility and value of the ICOM token.

Future outlook and sustainable growth

By migrating the ICOM token to Solana, iCommunity is betting on the future and laying the groundwork for long-term sustainable growth. Solana has emerged as one of the most promising and fastest-growing blockchain networks in the crypto ecosystem, with adoption continuing to rise as more projects migrate to the network.

With an active and dedicated community supporting its development and a clear vision for the future, Solana offers a conducive environment for the ICOM token to thrive and reach new heights. This migration not only represents an immediate business opportunity for iCommunity but also lays the foundation for sustainable growth and long-term success.

How to buy ICOM on the Solana network?

To purchase your ICOM tokens on the Solana network, simply register on Probit Global, buy ICOM, and when withdrawing, choose the Solana network. Here is a tutorial with the different steps and options to buy and swap your ICOM from the ETH network to the Solana network and the recommended wallets.

The migration of the ICOM token to the Solana network presents an exciting business opportunity for iCommunity and its community. With tangible benefits such as increased scalability, improved transaction speed, and an advanced development environment, Solana offers the perfect stage for the ICOM token to thrive and reach its full potential. We encourage the community to stay tuned to our social media channels like Twitter, as new and exciting promotional updates, listings, and product developments on Solana will be communicated soon, where you can use your ICOM tokens.


Trading and deposits/withdrawals on the Solana network are opened from April 5, 2024, at 19:00 (UTC+2) on Probit Global.

Deposits and withdrawals of iCommunity (ICOM) tokens on the Ethereum network (ERC-20) will continue to be accepted, and the ICOM/USDT trading pair will remain unaffected by the new integration.

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